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“Chen Lachaim” was founded to entertain and assist the children while hospitalized in “Tel – Hashomer” and “Ichilov” hospitals – in various divisions with personal escort by volunteers while they go through the rigorous hospitalization and revivification process.
“Chen Lachaim” Targets replacing the enormous pain with a huge smile with diverse activities like toy giveaway, social games, candy, birthday parties, fun days, dream achievement, nature activities, homework help and more…
A child’s pain is the worst pain anyone knows so the volunteers act day by day with the power of the saying in mind: “Their smile is our joy”
It is hard to describe the state of the children while suffering rigorous examinations and treatments, declined mental state. Each year we take out children to go through “live your dream” with the goal of extinguishing the pain even for a little while and give them back moments of joy to cherish at rough times, and give them more force to continue fighting for their lives.
All this is thanks to you.
Join us and together we “Switch the pain with a big smile”.

Thanks in advance,
Yaniv Ben David
Chen Lachaim Organisation

The Organization Activities

Hospital Birthdays
The volunteers from “Chen Lachaim” are celebrating the child’s birthday with huge dolls, food stalls, sweet bars, fireworks and other super special attractions that are bound to easily diminish the daily pain for one glorified, unforgettable day
Cost about 4500 NIS per party

Financial aid for the children’s families
Many families have to quit jobs and lose precious work days due to the child’s sickness, this results in a rapid decline in normal living and is a burden to hold on to. “Chen Lachaim” financially aid these families with food, clothing, school gear and more
Average Costs 2500 NIS

Lifts from homes to hospitals for treatment
Cancer patients get treated with chemotherapy, requiring them frequent attendance to the hospital and then back home. These frequent round trip cost time and parents occasionally lose work days for those days. We aid with lifts to hospital and back to reduce the financial costs
Costs 300-450 Shekels approximately

Toy giveaways and social games AKA “The Gift Cart”
Each week the volunteers go door to door and give away toys, surprise kits, Saturday cakes, reading books, social games, crosswords and Sudoku books and more diverse surprises
Weekly cost 1500 NIS

Cancer Patients Bar Mitzvah
Chen Lachaim aids children whose parents can’t afford having a bar mitzvah for their children. We organize a production with a DJ, Band, Tfillin and Talit, Clowns, Giant Dolls, Camera-Men, A driver, a Video clip production and so much more.
Each Bar Mitzvah Costs roughly between 15,000 – 25,000 NIS

Live your dream – for terminal and cancer children
Unfortunately not all the children live through their sickness so we try to make them “live their dream” that could be their last. Among the dreams – flight abroad, meeting a celebrity artist, recording an album, Etc.
Each dream costs roughly between 2500 -7000 NIS

Saturday Eve Kits
Candles, Shabbat buns (Challah), Desserts, Etc.…

Wigs for the girls at the onkological department
Girls who go through chemotherapy at the onkology department lose their hair and are ashamed to go outside at this state. The girls’ parents don’t always have the money to afford the purchase of wigs. The organization aid with a purchase of a wig
Each wig costs roughly between 3500-4500 NIS


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